Sell Cloud Backup Solutions

We understand Agents and VAR's want a simplified solution for their clients that bundles both value and customer service. We are experts at working with channel partners - our agents get access to exclusive bundled packages that offer premium support, and upgrades in one low priced value package to help you to help your clients.

Your clients are asking you for secure, easy to use cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions every day. TurnKey Vault will let you deliver on those client requests while maintaining the highest agent commissions in the industry, backed by a company that handles all the technical support and setup with your clients once you make the sale.

Our products offer superb client stickiness, retention, high margins, and a continuous revenue stream that will not cease even if your customer relocates. Best of all our products are available globally - in all markets and require only a basic Internet conection to operate, giving you unlimited potential to market to your clients.


Ready to Become an Agent / Partner?

Agents have access to exclusive bundle packages (shown below) with massive commission margins. You propose the solutions to your clients, you get access to two unique packages shown below with your own order links you give to your clients when proposing it to them. Your client signs up directly using your order link - we bill them direct, and send you a commission check each month. We take care of all the technical setup, training and support and deliver the service to your client. Your client gets access to these exclusive agent only 'package bundles' (that are more than 50% discounted from our retail and reseller pricing, exclusive to you!), so your clients will always want to sign up with and through you for our service to be sure you get paid. You simply market our solution to your current customers, we take care of the rest and send you a check each month!

Contact Us If you're already offering telecommunication, hosted , or any sort of IT Service solutions this is a free no commitment way to become our channel partner and earn massive commissions with your existing and growing client base that you represent.

Exclusive Agent Offers

Features Bundle I Bundle II
Number Of Users/Devices 50 Unlimited
Included Storage 2 TB 4 TB
Free Managed Backup Assurance
Live Cloud Replication
Dedicated Standby Cloud Environment Optional
A $1,099 Value! A $2,399 Value!
Sign Up $499 Sign Up $999

The Benefits Of TurnKey Vault To Our Agents

Nearly 50% of TurnKey Vault's growth can be attributed to channel partners, resellers, agents and VAR's - we know what it takes to help you succeed by delivering the cloud-based solutions your clients are asking for matched with complete worry-free managed customer care included in every sale that an agent makes. At the end of the day, the best benefit of being an Agent is having access to the next-generation of secure cloud backup services that your clients are asking for.

What makes TurnKey Vault the absolute best Cloud Backup solution on the market is our system was built from the ground up with business users in mind. From encryption so strong that even we can't see your data, to the most advanced features on the market - like Live Cloud Replication, bare metal recovery and the ability to restore a server, PC or even an entire office of computers, live, in real-time, into a fully functional, cloud-based virtual environment accessible from anywhere over the Internet. This foundation of our Cloud Backup Solution will help you succeed at reselling online backup solutions to your clients.